Exercise sheets for maintaining joint function

The importance of physical exercise for osteoarthritis:


Besides observing any treatment that your doctor has prescribed you, it is important to perform physical exercises if you suffer from osteoarthritis, in order to maintain physical fitness and increase joint stability.

Incipient osteoarthritis causes pain, discomfort, stiffness and/or joint deformation.

Established osteoarthritis, causes chronic pain, stiffness, joint deformation and/or disability.

By performing appropriate physical exercises, you can play an active part in improving your condition.

These exercise sheets illustrate some of the exercises you can perform according to the severity of your osteoarthritis. They will help you reinforce the muscles around your affected joints, to increase their stability.

These exercises are simple to perform and do not require any special equipment.


Most of the exercises are split into three types: exercises to relieve pain, exercises to strengthen muscles and exercises to increase flexibility.


Although simple, remember to take care when performing these exercises: breathe properly during the exercises, avoid forcing your joints, respect the pause times, increase the number of exercises and sets gradually only, etc. 

We hope these exercise and information sheets will help you maintain your physical activity as long as possible.

The advice given on this site is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace a consultation with a qualified doctor.