Is it dangerous to drive if you have lower-limb osteoarthritis?

In today’s world, going about your day-to-day business without a car is almost impossible. But in our ageing society, it’s important to ask at what age a person becomes a danger to themselves and others on the road? And does osteoarthritis make a difference?

Sport appears to relieve lower limb osteoarthritis

Lower limb osteoarthritis, as the leading cause of reduced mobility in the elderly, is likely to affect a considerable number of people: an individual has a 25% chance of suffering from hip osteoarthritis and a 45% chance of suffering from knee osteoarthritis during his/her lifetime. The healthcare and economic impact of this disease is such that the most effective therapeutic strategies need to be identified in order to delay its onset and to reduce the pain associated with its progression. 

Fingers: a reliable source for determining predisposition to osteoarthritis?

Could finger length constitute an indication of the predisposition to knee osteoarthritis? The link is not obvious, yet researchers at Monash University (Australia) looked into the question and were able to demonstrate a relationship between the two factors.